Entry Level Child Care Training (2018)

ELCCT is an introduction to child care. It provides new or future child care professionals with knowledge needed to provide quality care for young children. NOTE: ELCCT cannot be used to meet level or renewal criteria for the Oklahoma Director’s Credential (ODC). It will only count one time to meet Professional Development Ladder (PDL) requirements.

(ELCCT) Unit 1 (teacher admin)

(ELCCT) Unit 2 (teacher admin)

(ELCCT) Unit 3 (teacher admin)

(ELCCT) Unit 4 (teacher admin)

(ELCCT) Unit 5 (teacher admin)

(ELCCT) Unit 6 (teacher admin)

(ELCCT) Unit 7 (teacher admin)

(ELCCT) Unit 8 (teacher admin)

(ELCCT) Unit 9 (teacher admin)