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Please Note: CECPD's approved safe sleep course, Reducing the Risk of SIDS/SUID in Child Care, can be found at the bottom of the page.

    • Addressing Challenging Behavior: Promoting Social and Emotional Health in Young Children

      62 Lessons $45.00

      14 clock hours (1.4 CEUs) – Challenging behavior is one of the biggest issues early childhood educators face every day. Most often these behaviors are caused by challenges presented by the social and physical environment, yet often the approach is to “fix” the child rather than “fix” the factors that contribute to the behavior. This […]

    • Building Positive Relationships in the School-Age Classroom

      21 Lessons $20.00

      3 clock hours (0.3 CEUs) – This course will show participants how to create a caring classroom community where children feel supported, safe, included and known in their school-age classrooms. School-age classrooms need to be active, engaging places where instruction centers on student thinking and where students are able to take risks and jump into […]

    • Child Care Emergency Preparedness

      44 Lessons $20.00

      4 clock hours (0.4 CEUs) – This course will familiarize child care providers with the various emergencies that could occur in a child care program and will help them implement strategies to keep the children and the adults in their program safe.

    • Conflict Resolution: Riding Through the Storm

      28 Lessons $20.00

      3 clock hours (0.3 CEUs) – This course was designed to help prepare the child care provider deal with conflict in the early childhood program. A child care program can be a hectic and stressful environment, both for child care professionals and for parents of children enrolled in the facility. Established conflict resolution and dispute […]

    • Cornerstones of Quality: Safety, Health and Nutrition

      19 Lessons $20.00

      3 clock hours (0.3 CEUs) – In this course we will focus on how to create an environment that will keep infants and children safe and healthy in child care. Information is in aligned with new licensing requirements.

    • Creating a Landscape to Learning: Appropriate Indoor & Outdoor Learning Environments

      15 Lessons $20.00

      3 clock hours (0.3 CEUs) – This course will provide participants with knowledge of how an infant/toddler learning environment should be designed in order to enhance relationships and learning by developing competencies through movement, exploration, and appropriate challenges.

    • Creating A Positive Social Emotional Climate in Infant/Toddler Care Settings

      17 Lessons $20.00

      3 clock hours (0.3 CEUs) – This course will help participants to understand that when they develop a positive social and emotional climate in the care setting and provides nurturing relationships with young children, the young child feels more secure in the environment and more likely to feel comfortable learning and growing. Such relationships are […]

    • Daily Program for Infants and Toddlers

      38 Lessons $20.00

      10 clock hours (1.0 CEU) – This course provides information on the stages of development and the basic needs of young children in nutrition, feeding, sleep, and toilet training. Participants will also be provided suggestions for appropriate play activities, toys, and a daily program schedule.

    • Director's Entry Level Training Course

      154 Lessons $20.00

      20 clock hours – The Director’s Entry Level Training Course (DELT). This is a 20 hour course introducing you to the responsibilities and duties of being a child care director. It will also assist you in becoming an efficient and effective leader.

    • E-3 Dimensions of Quality Online

      11 Lessons $30.00

      5 clock hours (0.5 CEUs) – Take a look at this snapshot of the 2015 ECERS3 Conference. This Course includes the video recorded during the main presentation and all four breakout sessions. This course is designed for students who were unable to attend the conference, or for those who attended and would like the ability […]

ELG 2.0: Purposeful Play with Infants and Toddlers

28 Lessons $20.00

10 clock hours (1.0 CEU) –This course is designed as a companion guide to Oklahoma Early Learning Guidelines for Infants, Toddlers, and Twos. Whether you are new to the joys of infant/toddler experiences or looking for new ways to play and enhance learning, this course will provide examples of how to implement the guidelines through fun, hands-on, play-based activities. This course builds on and enhances Oklahoma Early Learning Guidelines for Infants, Toddlers and Twos. 

*This course does not meet the training requirements for early learning guidelines.

ELG Infants, Toddlers, and Twos

122 Lessons $20.00

14 clock hours (1.4 CEUs) – “Oklahoma Early Learning Guidelines for Infants, Toddlers and Twos were created to serve as a foundation to connect what is taught with what is appropriate for very young children. They also provide a framework to encourage consistency among early childhood programs across Oklahoma” (ELG ITT, pg. 1). This course will provide participants with the tools to enhance learning experiences for Oklahoma’s youngest children and help administer a safe, nurturing and developmentally appropriate environment. “The Early Learning Guidelines provide examples of experiences that can be used to build relationships, develop purposeful play and guide program development” (ELG ITT, preface).

Entry Level Child Care Training

79 Lessons $20.00

20 clock hours – Revised 3/1/2018. ELCCT is an introduction to child care. It provides new or future child care professionals with knowledge needed to provide quality care for young children. NOTE: ELCCT cannot be used to meet level or renewal criteria for the Oklahoma Director's Credential (ODC). It will only count one time to meet Professional Development Ladder (PDL) requirements.

  • Encouraging Peer Interactions in Preschool

    19 Lessons $20.00

    3 clock hours (0.3 CEUs) – This course will provide participants with strategies for supporting the development of peer interactions in the preschool classroom. It will also provide ways for teachers to help children learn anger management skills and problem solving skills.

  • Enriching Early Literacy Experiences with Infants and Toddlers

    36 Lessons $20.00

    4 clock hours (0.4 CEUs) – In this course, we will discuss the theories on how infants and toddlers acquire language and the stages and indicators of language development. We will examine emergent literacy and its connection to lifelong success. We will discuss factors that influence language development and best practices for providers.

  • Family Child Care Home Entry Level Training

    171 Lessons $20.00

    20 clock hours – This course is designed to give you a broad overview of how to operate a child care business out of your home. It will also provide tools and resources on different topics to expand your knowledge of child care.

  • Guidance Matters: Challenging Behaviors and the Role of the Preschool Teacher

    21 Lessons $25.00

    4 clock hours (0.4 CEUs) – This Course will introduce providers to the Positive Behavior Support, or PBS, as a means to understand and address a child’s persistent challenging behavior.

  • Health and Safety Training for Family Child Care Homes and Large Child Care Homes

    18 Lessons

    Description: This video meets the licensing requirements for Health and Safety training per 340:110-3-85, Licensing Requirements for Family Child Care Homes and Large Family Child Care Homes (11-1-16). It covers a variety of topics which will help you in caring for children.

  • Homelessness and Young Children: Dealing with Trauma

    15 Lessons $20.00

    3 clock hours (0.3 CEUs) – This course will help participants to define homelessness according to the McKinney-Vento definition and to discover how being homeless affects the child’s health and development. Participants will also be provided guidance strategies to support young children experiencing homelessness.

  • Homelessness and Young Children: Education and Services

    14 Lessons $20.00

    3 clock hours (0.3 CEUs) – This course is for administrators of early childhood centers. It will provide them with information and best practices to facilitate collaboration between child care programs and community organizations to increase the provision of services to families with young children experiencing homelessness.

  • Literacy In Action: Alphabet Knowledge

    20 Lessons $25.00

    4 clock hours (0.4 CEUs) – When alphabet knowledge is embedded into everyday instruction, children will be able to name and write alphabet letters, recognize letter symbols in print, and know that letters have sounds. Laying this foundation will ensure that children will have the necessary literacy skills to build upon for future reading success.

  • Literacy in Action: Creating Literacy Rich Environments

    24 Lessons $25.00

    4 clock hours (0.4 CEUs) – A literacy-rich environment is an environment that emphasizes the importance of language and literacy (language, print awareness, alphabet knowledge, writing, and phonological awareness) in the learning of all students and is embedded throughout the entire classroom. A literacy-rich environment is an environment in which appropriate materials have been selected […]

  • Literacy in Action: Developmental Writing

    15 Lessons $25.00

    4 clock hours (0.4 CEUs) – Teachers play a critical role in emergent writing. This class will explore the essential components of developmental writing as well as interactive strategies that promote positive experiences with writing. Participants will also learn ways to incorporate daily writing experiences throughout the preschool classroom.

  • Literacy In Action: Learning to Read through the Environment

    28 Lessons $25.00

    4 clock hours (0.4 CEUs) – Concepts of print refers to children’s knowledge of the functions of print and how print works. In order to understand how print works children should be exposed to print concepts on a daily basis. Print concepts can be used with all age groups.

  • Literacy In Action: Shared Reading

    28 Lessons $25.00

    4 clock hours (0.4 CEUs) – Shared reading is a classroom strategy in which a teacher reads a book with enlarged print and encourages children to read along on parts they can remember or predict. Shared reading models the reading process and draws children’s attention to print concepts and letter knowledge.

  • Meeting the Challenge: Effective Strategies for Dealing With Challenging Behavior in School-Age Children

    17 Lessons $20.00

    3 clock hours (0.3 CEUs) – This course will provide school-age providers with the skills they need to manage a child’s feelings that cause them to act out. They will be taught guidance skills that teach children how to get along with others, how to express their feelings with words, and how to problem solve […]

  • Preventing Obesity and Promoting Wellness

    57 Lessons $45.00

    14 clock hours (1.4 CEUs) – Preventing obesity and promoting wellness in early childhood.

  • Orientation for Child Care Program Professionals

    20 Lessons

    Description: This video meets the licensing requirements for orientation training per 340: 110-3-284, Licensing Requirements for Child Care Programs (11-1-16). It covers a variety of topics which will help you in caring for children.

  • Out-of-School Time Entry Level Training (OST-ELT)

    107 Lessons $20.00

    20 clock hours – This course is an entry level instruction to working with children in out-of-school time settings like after school programs or summer camps. Generally, children in this setting are three years old and older and are currently enrolled in or have completed pre-kindergarten. Participants will learn about effective communication and positive interactions […]

  • Positive Guidance: Helping Children Learn Self-Discipline

    14 Lessons $20.00

    3 clock hours (0.3 CEUs) – This course will provide participants with knowledge on a relationship-based approach to prevent and manage challenging behavior more effectively, creating a more enjoyable learning environment. The goal of positive guidance is to develop children’s self-control, encourage children to assume responsibility, and assist children in making thoughtful decisions.

  • Prudent Parenting

    2 Lessons Free

    0 clock hours (0 CEUs) – This training is for Residential/Shelter/Fostering participants only.  This course will inform you about the reasonable and prudent parent standard.

  • Reducing the Risk of SIDS/SUID in Child Care

    29 Lessons $20.00

    3 clock hours (0.3 CEUs) – This course will prepare child care providers to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and Sudden Unexplained Infant Death (SUID) in family home, group home, and child care center settings by using safe sleep practices recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and Oklahoma child care […]