Learning Guidelines for School-Age Children

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Welcome (L1) ELG School Age Pre-test Course Objectives (L2) Oklahoma Academic Standards and Early Learning Guidelines (L3) Using Webbing for Lesson Planning (L4) Complete the Concept Web (L5) Instructions for Lesson Planning (L6) Quality Out-Of-School Time Programs (L7) Responsiveness to Individual Children (L8) Final Thoughts (L9) Introduce Concept/Subject Area One (L10) Section Objectives (L11) Characteristics of School-Age Children (L12) Test Your Knowledge (L13) Learning Styles (L14) Unlock your Learning Potential (L15) Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP) (L16) How ELGs Incorporate Different Approaches to Learning (L17) Creative Card Games (L18) Choosing a Theme (L19) Final Thoughts (L20) Introduce Concept/Subject Area Two (L21) Section Objectives (L22) Benefits in Promoting Creative Skills (L23) Fine Arts (L24) Visual Art Strands (L25) The Starry Night (L26) The Little Boy Free-Flowing Creative Arts (L28) Creative Skills Activities (L29) General Music Strands (L31) Teaching Strategy Review (L31) Ways to Strengthen a Child’s Creativity (L32) Creativity Busters (L33) Encouragement vs. Praise (L34) Importance of Being a Role Model (L35) Lesson Planning (L36) Final Thoughts (L37) Introduce Concept/Subject Area Three (L38) Section Objectives (L39) Language Arts (L40) Literacy Assessment (L41) Listening and Speaking (L42) Print Awareness (L43) Phonological Awareness and Phonemic Awareness (L44) Rhyme Time (L45) Letter Knowledge and Early Word Recognition (L46) Reading and Writing Process (L47) Vocabulary and Comprehension (L48) Tar Beach (L49) Research and Multimodal Literacies (L50) Integrating “Literacy in Action” Throughout Classroom (L51) Lesson Planning (L52) Final Thoughts (L53) Introduce Concept/Subject Area Four (L54) Section Objectives (L55) Mathematics (L56) Learning about Patterns and Algebraic Reasoning (L57) Teaching Patterning Skills (L58) Jeweled Snakes (L59) Numbers and Operation (L60) Supporting Children in Mastery of Number Sense (L61) Geometry and Measurement (L62) Teaching Geometry (L63) Exploring Math Using Playing Cards (L64) Teaching Measurement (L65) Measuring Penny (L66) Data Analysis and Probability (L67) Helping Children Learn Math Through “Mathematizing” (L68) Reflection Time (L69) Planning for Mathematics (L70) Lesson Planning (L71) Final Thoughts (L72) Section Objectives (L74) Freeze Dance (L75) Health and Safety Education (L76) Promoting Health & Safety with School-Age Children (L77) Addressing Bullying with School-Age Children (L78) Physical Education (L79) Locomotor Movements (L80) Non-Locomotor Movements (L81) Gross Motor Equipment (L82) Fine Motor Skills (L83) Finger Aerobics (L84) Lesson Planning (L85) Final Thoughts (L86) Science (L87) Section Objectives (L88) Animal Quiz (L89) General Types of Science (L90) Scientific and Engineering Practices (L91) Exploring Science Processes and Inquiry (L92) Balance Scale (L93) Physical Science (L94) Exploring Physical Science (L95) Biological/Life Science (L96) Exploring Biological Science (L97) Earth/Space Science (L98) Activities to Support Earth/Space Science Domain (L99) Setting Up Inquiry Tables (L100) Lesson Planning (L101) Final Thoughts (L102) Social and Personal Skills (L103) Section Objectives (L104) Pig Personality Test (L105) Standard One (L106) Agree or Disagree (L107) Supporting Social Skill Development (L108) Cortisol’s Effect on the Brain (L109) Self-Regulation Center (L110) Standard Two (L111) Activities to Support Social and Personal Skills (L112) Lesson Planning (L113) Final Thoughts (L114) Social Studies (L115) Section Objectives (L116) Civics (L117) F is for Flag (L118) Geography (L119) Rosie’s Walk (L120) History and Community Traditions (L121) Social Studies Learning Activity Example (122) Economics (L123) Lesson Planning (L124) Final Thoughts (L125) World Languages (L126) Section Objectives (L127) Overarching Goals in Standards (L128) Communication (L129) Cultures (L130) New Lire (L131) Connections (L132) Comparisons (L133) The Menu Project (L134) Communities (L135) Lesson Planning What is in Your Lesson Plan (L137) Wrapping Up (L138) Post Test (L138b) Oklahoma DHS Registry Information for ELG School Age References (L139)