Time-in-Training Requirements

CECPD awards completion certificates for online courses completed at cecpdonline.org.  Those certificates of completion count for a specific number of training hours that vary from course to course.  It is essential that time spent in each online course reflects the number of hours attributed to the student on the completion certificate.   For that reason, we require a specific number of minutes be spent in each lesson of each course.  The number of minutes required per lesson may vary in accordance with the quantity and complexity of the lesson content.

Students will not be able to mark a lesson complete until the required period of time has elapsed.  That period of time is represented as a countdown timer located under the "Complete Lesson" button on each lesson page.  We understand that not all students process information at the same rate.  If you complete a lesson before the required time has elapsed we ask that you stay on the lesson page.  Navigating away from the lesson page will reset the timer and you will be forced to wait longer.  Use the extra time to read or review any downloaded materials (Course books, sample lesson plans, articles, and other resources).

Time-in-training requirements are designed to support the educational quality of our online courses.  We appreciate your understanding, and thank you for choosing cecpdonline.org as your online training partner!