ELG 3-5

ELG 3-5 Introduction (L1) ELG 3-5 Pre-Test Session Objectives (L2) How ELG 3-5 Came About and Why (L3) Getting to Know Your ELG 3-5 Book (L4) Guiding Principles (L5) Elements of a Quality Early Childhood Program (L6) Responsiveness to Individual Children (L7) Looking at Content Areas and Standards (L8) ELG 3-5 Scavenger Hunt (L9) You and the Materials Make ELG 3-5 Come to Life (L10) Introduce Concept Area 1 (L11) Session Objectives (L12) Learning Styles (L13) Unlock your Learning Potential (L14) Thinking About Temperament (L15) Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP) (L16) How ELGs Incorporate Different Approaches to Learning (L17) Positive Approaches (L18) Activity: Creative Card Games (L19) Activity: Using Reflective Statements to Teach (L20) Choosing a Theme (L21) Final Thoughts (L22) Creative Skills (L23) Session Objectives (L24) Benefits in Promoting Creative Skills (L25) The Little Boy (L26) Free-Flowing Creative Arts (L27) ELG Standard One for Creative Skills (L28) Activity: Teaching Strategy Review (L29) Fostering Creativity in Young Children (L30) Ways to Strengthen a Child's Creativity (L31) Creativity Busters (L32) Encouragement vs. Praise (L33) Importance of Being a Role Model (L34) Lesson Planning (L35) Final Thoughts (L36) Language Arts Introduction (L37) Session Objectives (L38) Literacy is . . . (L39) Why We Need Literacy-Rich Classrooms (L40) Literacy Assessment (L41) Standard One (Listening) and Standard Two (Speaking) L42 Standard Three (Print Awareness) L43 Standard Four (Phonological Awareness) and Standard Five (Phonemic Awareness) L44 Rhyme Time (L45) Standard Six (Letter Knowledge and Early Word Recognition) L46 Standard Seven (Vocabulary) and Standard Eight (Comprehension) L47 Standard Nine (Writing Process) L48 Integrating “Literacy in Action” Throughout Classroom (L49) Lesson Planning (L50) Final Thoughts (L51) Mathematics Introduction (L52) Session Objectives (L53) Standard One (L54) Zebra Stripes (L55) Teaching Patterning Skills (L56) Standard Two (L57) Supporting Children in Mastery of Standard Two (L58) Standard Three (L59) Standard Four (L60) Measuring Penny (L61) Standard Five (L62) Helping Children Learn Math Through “Mathematizing” (L63) Planning for Mathematics (L64) Lesson Planning (L65) Final Thoughts (L66) Health, Safety and Physical Development Introduction (L6) Session Objectives (L68) Freeze Dance (L69) Standard One (L70) Locomotor Movements (L71) Non-Locomotor Movements (L72) Gross Motor Equipment (L73) Standard Two (L74) Fine Motor Materials (L75) Standard Three (L76) Promoting Health & Fitness with Preschoolers (L77) Quiz (L78) Lesson Planning (L79) Final Thoughts (L80) Science Introduction (L81) Session Objectives (L82) Animal Quiz (L83) General Types of Science (L84) Standard One (L85) Exploring Science Processes & Inquiry (L86) Balance Scale (L87) Standard Two (L88) Exploring Physical Science (L89) Standard Three (L90) Exploring Biological Science (91) Standard Four (L92) Activities to Support Standard Four (L93) Science Activities that Support ELG Science Standards (L94) Lesson Planning (L95) Final Thoughts (L96) Social and Personal Skills Introduction (L97) Session Objectives (L98) Pig Personality Test (L99) Standard One (L100) Agree or Disagree (L101) Supporting Social Skill Development (L102) Cortisol's Effect on the Brain (L103) Self-Regulation Center (L105) Standard Two (L106) Activities to Support Social and Personal Skills (L107) Lesson Planning (L108) Final Thoughts (L109) Social Studies Introduction (L110) Session Objectives (L111) Standard One (L112) Standard Two (L114) Standard Three and Standard Four (L115) Reflection on Dramatic Play (L116) Enhancing Dramatic Play (L117) Name That Standard (L118) Lesson Planning (L119) Final Thoughts (L120) What is in Your Lesson Plan? (L121) Wrapping Up & Post-Test (L122) Oklahoma DHS Registry Information for ELG 3-5