• Literacy In Action: Learning to Read through the Environment

    28 Lessons $25.00

    4 clock hoursConcepts of print refers to children’s knowledge of the functions of print and how print works. In order to understand how print works children should be exposed to print concepts on a daily basis. Print concepts can be used with all age groups.

  • Literacy in Action: Creating Literacy Rich Environments

    24 Lessons $25.00

    4 clock hoursA literacy-rich environment is an environment that emphasizes the importance of language and literacy (language, print awareness, alphabet knowledge, writing, and phonological awareness) in the learning of all students and is embedded throughout the entire classroom. A literacy-rich environment is an environment in which appropriate materials have been selected in order to facilitate […]

  • Literacy In Action: Alphabet Knowledge

    20 Lessons $25.00

    4 clock hoursWhen alphabet knowledge is embedded into everyday instruction, children will be able to name and write alphabet letters, recognize letter symbols in print, and know that letters have sounds. Laying this foundation will ensure that children will have the necessary literacy skills to build upon for future reading success.

  • Entry Level Child Care Training

    219 Lessons $20.00

    20 clock hoursThis course is one in a series of training courses available to caregivers of young children. As you participate in these courses you will become part of a program designed to build strong child care professionals.

  • Preventing Obesity and Promoting Wellness

    57 Lessons $45.00

    14 clock hoursPreventing obesity and promoting wellness in early childhood.

  • Director's Entry Level Training Course

    154 Lessons $20.00

    20 clock hoursThe Director’s Entry Level Training Course (DELT). This is a 20 hour course introducing you to the responsibilities and duties of being a child care director. It will also assist you in becoming an efficient and effective leader.

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